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GIORI workshops were born in Tuscany in 1962, in the course of the years technical abilities, experience and professionalism of Mr. Giori Bernardo, the founder, have allowed a constant growth of the company and have made it one of the leader companies in this sector. Since 2007 Paolo, Mr. Giori’s son, goes on the way that his father has marked out and he has founded a new company: the GLOBAL LINE group. In 2010, after an internal reorganization and a restyling of its logo, the GLOBAL LINE group presented the new logo. Since more than 40 years our company has been manufacturing special machines to make mop and finish brushes and brooms. Versatility and ability have allowed the company to distinguish itself in this particular sector.


GIORI AUTOMATION with its technicians looks for new solutions that satisfy the demands of a global market that moves always faster. Selection of suppliers, research of quality and use of technological products are the best guarantee for our machines. All our products are certified and made in accordance with the law and they are marked CE


GIORI AUTOMATION can offer its clients personal and technologically advanced solutions, like automatic and semiautomatic machines to produce and finish mop and brushes. Then GIORI AUTOMATION completes its productive line with packaging machines, creel(support structures for cotton reels), machines for cutting and folding of synthetic canvas (TNT), sponges machines, injection molds and extrusion lines of plastic materials.


All GIORI AUTOMATION machines are designed and manufactured inside its workshops: this allows a scrupulous control of the productive process that is necessary to get high quality products. We expect from ourselves and our employees the biggest technical professionalism in the realization of our works.


A small company can be big, because of its ideas and flexibility, GIORI GLOBAL LINE follows this philosophy. Satisfying our clients demands with the biggest professionalism and ability is our company policy.

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