In 1875 Mr. Giuseppe Giori was the Master Mechanic for a big textile company in Palazzolo, near Brescia, in Italy. Five generations of mechanic craftsmen were born with him.

His son Pietro, started there the production of machinery  in 1917, dedicating his whole life to his work  and passion for mechanics: the same passion that Antonio, Mario, Giuseppe, Dino Bernardo and Luigi, his five sons, carried on.

One of them, Dino Bernardo, moved to Tuscany in 1962 and founded the same year the GIORI BERNARDO s.n.c. workshop.

Bernardo’s abilities and knowledge made the company grow up constantly until now days, making  it one of the leading industry of its production branch.

In 1977 his son Paolo joined the company, taking and developing  the heritage of his ancestors.

In 2007  Paolo founded “Global Line Group srl” that produces machinery for his own trademark.

In 2011 Giori signed an agreement with Zahoranzky Group, from Germany, another leading company for brush machinery production, becoming their supplier of brush and broom finishing machines.

Paolo’s son and daughter, Dr. Alessandro and  Dr. Valentina, joined the company in 2016, as sale manager and chief administrator: the fifth generation carries on the tradition.

With the purchase of another real estate unit in 2018, the surface of the factory tripled.

In 2020, after a corporate reorganization, the Global Line group is closed and absorbed by GIORI srl


All our Giori machinery are produced, designed and developed in our factory.

This allow us to produce high end machinery after hard quality tests and thanks to the extraordinary abilities of our designers and workers.



With more than 60 years of experience our company produces mop, brush and brooms finishing machinery and special machinery.

Our flexibility and spirit of innovation make us one of the leading company for this kind of product.

GIORI provides to its customers customized solutions for sponges, non-woven material and  packaging machinery. We produce accessory machines for single-filament extrusion lines as well and also special automations.


We give our employees value and we think that this brings a better product.

GIORI follows this philosophy to give the best customer service from day one, always with the utmost attention and professionalism.

“Mechanics is our passion, working good is our pleasure…”

Dino B. Giori