Machine features: The machine can produce mops with various supports both of plastic and of metal with cotton threads, microfiber, strips of non-woven fabric and Spunlace, with a maximum length (bunch) of 1200 mm and a max. of 200 mm. In the case of using metal forks it is possible to obtain a curved reverse of the ends or with a 90 ° bend thanks to a special device (optional). Plastic connectors can have two, three or four pegs. The powerful mechanical press with a force of 4 Tons allows assembling mops with a resistance of 4 kg 10 kg / cotton yarn. The maximum production capacity in continuous cycle ranges from 1100 to 1400 pieces / h. Capacity can be subjected to possible variations according to the materials, the type of used supports (connectors), their shape and the skill of the operator when loading them into the press. Possibility to change the size of the caps and forks. Management, programming of the machine, signaling of main alarms and change of measurement with reading from the touch screen panel. Control panel idiom in: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese. Semi-automatic machine, protected according to EC regulations, requires the use of labor. The finished product is automatically released by a conveyor belt. The adjustment and insertion of the mop in the packaging machine is made manually.

Typology: Semiautomatic

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